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When Naga Studio came to us seeking a brand identity and website design for their Pinterest done-for-you agency, we wanted to let their brand name guide us in the direction of creating the vision — imbued with the mysticism behind the mythological half serpent and half human deity that is Naga. Our main consideration was to give our client the ethereal aesthetic they craved all the while still bringing in a pragmatic design approach since their agency is all about driving measurable results for their clients. 

The Visual Identity

We concepted the perfect blend of taking the symbology of this animal archetype with the sophistication, quiet confidence and sharpness you think of when imagining the qualities of a snake when designing these attributes to be a part of Naga studio's design ethos. 

We chose Cako typeface to design the logo and have it serve as the header font style since this typeface had a great dynamic contrast of different weights, yet fine details with the curvature and slants reminding us of south east asian and japanese calligraphy. This influence was fitting as we decided to stay true to Naga's mythological tradition of origin being in many South Asian and Southeast cultures. 

The colors that come to mind when design are a smooth onyx black paired with gold as the brand accent color - a treatment often seen in the Naga statues in Buddhist and Hindu temples. We then added a balancing grounding color to pull visitors in so the brand doesn't look too ephemeral with a muted light earthy green as a base.

We infused the golden snake to be an essential part of the design asset on the website and workbook guides to call back attention to Pinterest's default collage cover page intriguingly reminding us of snake's scales and Naga Studio's main objective which is to help brands "scale" their businesses. We appreciated the playful subtlety in these connections during the design process.

The Website

In addition to the playful symbology, we wanted a website visitor to experience a feeling of playfulness, serendipity while also immediately feeling reassured —balanced by grounding energy. We did this by incorporating confident bold design choices with strong lines and dynamic moving gifs so that whoever engages with Naga Studio will be sure to feel transformed — as the the meditative quality of the snake archetype is not without it's connection to the rebirthing process (in this instance, Naga's clients should expect to see their brands transform). 

The Workbooks

We also designed a collection of workbook guides that will serve as digital products in Naga Studio's digital shop. Just like the website, we incorporated a blend of spiritual/mystical design elements reminiscent of Stumptown's Coffee accent designs to serve as whimsical icons throughout the product guides and lead magnet. 

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